So, in My Hero Academia (MHA) world if All Might is ‘Symbol of Peace’ than All For One (AFO) is ‘Symbol of Evil’ because AFO know, how to manipulate other people and the same thing he is continuously doing with Shigaraki.

So, today in this blog I’m gonna tell you about the Master Plan of AFO and also I’ll tell you why he chooses Shigaraki as his successor!


Source- Wallpaper Flare

To understand AFO’s master plan we first need to understand Shigaraki because he is an important part of AFO’s plan.

From manga we get to know that Shigaraki past was dark and terrifying which leads him to a metal breakdown and at that time Shigaraki needed someone who can help him or guide him, but no one came to rescue him.

Later on, it was AFO who helped him and after that AFO became a hero like figure for him.

Now we also need to understand AFO thinking process because during the first fight with All Might, AFO was badly injured and at that time he realize that he need someone who can follow his ideology.

And there is no one better than Shigaraki to be the next successor because he is the grandson of Nana and Nana was a user of One For All (OFO), plus Nana was also mentor of All Might.

So it was a win-win situation for AFO.

Another reason to choose Shigaraki as his successor is that, AFO wants to mess up with All Might mind because when All Might will know about Shigaraki’s past he will not fight with Shigaraki as Shigaraki is a grandson of his mentor.


Source- Wallpaper Flare

AFO is a twisted psychopath thinker who can do anything for his personal gains and what makes him true evil is his mind.

AFO believes that no one is villain. People who can’t control their quirk or people whose quirks are unstable are termed as villain in the “Society”, which is wrong.

And that’s what AFO want to change the society.

AFO wants to bring peace in the world by giving quirks to those who want them and by taking quirks from the people who don’t want them, which will eventually lead to a big number of followers who will pray AFO and that’s where real problem arises,

By helping people AFO wants to control them so that they can do all his evil doings for him and that’s what make him a symbol of evil.


Source- Wallpaper Flare

So till now we get to know about Why AFO chooses Shigaraki as his successor and What’s AFO ideology is?

But after chapter 270 we get to know about AFO alternate motive which totally changed everything.

We get to know that AFO wants to use Shigaraki as a vessel. He wants to take over Shigaraki’s body to use his power properly because his current body can’t handle the power of AFO.

Later on, we also get to know that only OFA can stop him and defeat him and that is one of the reason why AFO wants OFA power.

So currently AFO is taking over Shigaraki’s body and once he completely takes over Shigaraki’s body than he will become stronger and at that time it will be impossible to stop him, and after that he will come for Deku to take OFA.

So choosing Shigaraki, giving him twisted kind of thinking and raising him like a villain it was all planned by AFO.

And the reason behind in this is simple, AFO wants to make Shigaraki a strong vessel who can handle the power of both AFO and OFA and that is the MASTER PLAN OF AFO.

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