There is a lot of anime in Sports Genre, but there is one anime that is different from other sports anime. In fact, I will say that it’s a unique sports anime that is based on sport but focuses more on the player who plays the sport.

Hi everyone, welcome to my another blog, and today in this blog I’m gonna review “Ping Pong The Animation” Anime, and if you’ve watched this anime then do share your opinion.


Ping Pong The Animation Review
Ping Pong The Animation

“The hero comes. The hero comes. The hero comes. Chant these words in your mind, and I’ll surely come to you…” This mantra is what Makoto Tsukimoto repeats as a source of motivation when he fights through the stress of not only grueling ping pong matches, but also in situations of his life. Makoto doesn’t fight alone; he and his friend, Yutaka Hoshino, nicknamed Smile and Peco respectively, are two boys who have grown up playing ping pong together nearly every day. Peco, brimming with confidence, aims to be the best table tennis player in the world; Smile, on the other hand, shows little ambition. Nevertheless, the two have always stuck together, with a bond built upon their mutual love for this sport.

Every year, students from all across Japan gather for the inter-high table tennis competition to achieve national and international stardom. Through intense training and competition, only the very best persevere.

From the avant-garde director of Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, Masaaki Yuasa, Ping Pong the Animation serves a tale of ambition with its fair share of bumps along the way. Whatever the odds, Peco and Smile will face them together.


Ping Pong The Animation Review
Ping Pong The Animation- Smile Playing Ping Pong

I have a lot of things to talk about in this anime as I loved lots of things in this anime.

This anime has not shown table-tennis matches in a typical way, instant of that I will say that this anime has displayed that players are not only fighting with their opponent, they’re also battling with their inner demon while aspiring to rise to the top of their sport and this concept I liked most in this anime.

If you watch closely this anime you’ll also realize that showing player thoughts, their inner demon is a common concept in anime but the way this anime has presented these thoughts, are flawlessly amazing.

Infact I will say that table-tennis is a medium for various characters in this anime to discover themselves which indirectly says that this anime’s story is driven by its characters.

One more thing I also what to add is that you’ll feel the screen presence of every character in this anime.

You’ll feel their pain, their struggle, their inferiority complex, which makes this anime a reflection of reality.

And the way every character has evolved in this anime is truly a work of a genius. Character development is one of the key points of this anime and my favorite characters are Smile and Peco.

Throughout the anime, you’ll realize that every conversation that had happened between Smile and Peco, felt natural and the thing that I liked most, is the understanding between them.

Apart from the characters I also want to praise the Music, Soundtracks, and OST.

Music has played a big role in this anime because this is not a regular anime. This anime also deals with psychological factors and to present all psychological factors more effectively, music has played an important role.

In this anime, there are a lot of sequences where with the help of music you’ll understand the situation and that is the beauty of this anime.

I also want to talk about the Direction of this anime as I feel that Direction is a very important part of any anime.

So as I told you earlier that this anime is a unique sports anime and to make this anime unique, the direction has played an important role. The whole drama, tension, conflict that has been shown in this anime are truly appreciable just because of Direction.


Ping Pong The Animation Review
Ping Pong The Animation- Peco Playing Ping Pong

I don’t have anything to criticize in this anime. This anime feels wholesome to me and a refreshing sports anime that everyone needs to watch.

The only reason people won’t watch this anime is because of its animation, but as I said earlier animation is the only reason which makes this anime different from other sports anime.

I also feel that this anime is not for everyone as this anime talks about lots of mature things like mental pressure, inferiority complex, etc. which is not for everyone.

So overall, Ping Pong The Animation is a must-watch anime for everyone who truly admires great stories, and if you’ve missed this anime then you’d missed a part of your life.

If I have to rate this anime I will rate it 8.5/10.

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